Why Automatic Standby Generators?

Come visit us at Your Healthy Home Expo Saturday September 7th at White's of Westport (10am-3pm). 24/7 Power Protection: automatic standby generators detect a loss of utility power and start automatically. The best emergency power back up solution for home & business: No Gasoline to store or refuel; runs on propane or natural gas. No extension cords to connect. Prevent damage or costs due to an outage: Flooded Basements, sickness Spoiled Food, drugs Mold Damage, ed Failed Security Systems. Keep Working: many people now work out of their homes and many small to mid-sized businesses require backup power to prevent: Lost Productivity, Lost Revenue, Lost Computer Records, Lost Sales. Protect your family and continue your life without the interruption or inconvenience of losing power. A recent rash of power outages and the promise of more to come has compelled many of our customers to install generators. The power lines and equipment that supply electricity to our homes is drastically outdated and becoming increasingly susceptible to failure during inclement weather. Due to last year’s storms and power outages thousands of homeowners were left stranded without electricity, heat or water, and by the time power was restored many homes had frozen pipes that burst causing incredible amounts of damage. Most new homes currently being constructed today have whole-home generators installed during construction as part of the home’s mechanical system. We are a licensed Honeywell sales and service provider, and we can easily accommodate all of your future service and warranty work. The generator installation we provide generates power for your entire home. There is no need to pick certain circuits. By utilizing load sharing technology we can prioritize the load so that everything works in harmony. A whole-home generator means that you and your family will not be left in the cold or dark when the power fails!

2 Responses to Why Automatic Standby Generators?

  1. k rego says:

    hi ,was on your website looking at your home generator do you offer financing for this ? please respond thank you . happy new year

  2. Paul Bernier says:

    Looking for a complete home installation. Generator, wiring, plumbing, and propane tank installation/coordinating tank installation.

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