Come visit us at Your Healthy Home Expo Saturday September 7th at White's of Westport (10am-3pm). Come visit us at Your Healthy Home Expo Saturday September 7th at White's of Westport (10am-3pm). These little wonders are eligible for federal tax credits and exceed our super-high expectations for energy efficiency.  They can easily be installed in any home or addition.  The main advantages of mini splits are their small size and flexibility for zoning or heating and cooling individual rooms.  We can install air conditioning in any home, remedy but the new ductless, try mini-split-system (mini splits) make great retrofit add-ons to houses without existing ductwork.  Each zone has its own thermostat, health so you only need to cool/heat occupied spaces.  Additionally, these units are designed to provide heat, air conditioning and dehumidification.  Tired of paying too much for oil?  Mini-splits will help to lower your heating bill saving you both energy and money.  Did you think air conditioning couldn’t be installed in your home?  Mini-splits make air conditioning efficient and affordable for everyone!


  1. Ted Kurtz says:

    We are considering replacing the window air conditioner in our bedroom with a mini split air conditioner. If you are interested please let me know.

    Thank you.

    Ted Kurtz

  2. Jamie Jacquart says:


    I moved to a new house which has 2 rooms over the garage which are not on the main heating system and have electric baseboard heat. I’d like to talk about what options we have to heat and cool these areas which may be less expensive to operate.

    We also have one of the circulation pumps that is shot and will need to be replaced on the main system.

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