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Now is the time to consider replacing that old boiler or water heater!! Replace your old boiler today with a new high-efficiency boiler and lower your heating bills! Great rebates and tax credits are available for high-efficiency boilers and equipment! If


These little wonders are eligible for federal tax credits and exceed our super-high expectations for energy efficiency.  They can easily be installed in any home or addition.  The main advantages of mini splits are their small size and flexibility for

Why Automatic Standby Generators?

24/7 Power Protection: automatic standby generators detect a loss of utility power and start automatically. The best emergency power back up solution for home & business: No Gasoline to store or refuel; runs on propane or natural gas. No extension

Binnall House – Gardner, Ma.

Upgrades to improve Binnall House efficiency     The Binnall House and it's 134 apartments will be taking steps toward additional year-round efficiency with the replacement of aging solar panels in coming months. "This system was initially installed in the

Green Plumber Award 2011

Green Plumber Award

Bill Battles of Village Plumbing, Inc. has been awarded the Green Plumber of the Year for the Northern Region. Village Plumbing has installed green energy systems for several local Boys and Girls Clubs as well as the National Marine Life

Radiant Floor Heat

Radiant heat is the Cadillac of all heating systems. It can be installed in conjunction with a forced hot water system by heating specific areas of the home with the radiant heat and others with more conventional baseboard. Radiant heat

Solutions to Rising Energy Costs and a Warming Climate

Few things have an overall impact on a homeowner’s comfort more than an expertly and efficiently designed heating system. Yet, drugstore many homeowners do not know the slightest thing about the system currently heating their home. My husband, a plumbing/heating

Energy Efficient Heating Systems

Whether you are installing a new system or evaluating an old system, sickness efficiency should be a factor in your decision making process.

Solutions to Rising Energy Costs and a Warming Climate

A little over three years ago my family relocated to Westport. Our property, click a former gravel pit, ed was brown and barren when we first purchased it. What was once barren is now green, and we are greeted daily

Solar Hot Water—The Intelligent Choice for A Green Solution

Discover the many benefits of today’s solar hot water systems and beat high energy costs. Our solar packages provide abundant hot water and can reduce your gas/oil bill by as much as one-third. Additionally, ed federal and state tax credits